Wowzers….. the majority of the UK population are actually interested in today’s Budget!

Latest Harris 24 Ahead of Today's Budget Announcement

Adrian Wooldridge

94% of the population (18+) claim to have at least some interest in today’s budget, which is a massive 48.2m people. So the government can clearly say they are the top of the awareness pile today!

At 12.30pm today Hammond starts to deliver the 2017 Autumn Budget in the House of Commons. Whilst all the focus this afternoon will be on what was said and furiously working out what this means for the UK population – the general population have already given us some insights:

  • 27% did not know the Budget was taking place today!
  • The topics that people are most interested in are; Brexit (52%), Taxation (51%), Savings (46%) and Pensions (43%).
  • 39% would be at least interested in financial services organisations helping them to understand what the Budget means for them.
  • The organisations people would be most interested in hearing from are; a money advice website (33%), a bank/building society (28%), consumer advice organisation (21%), financial adviser (16%), pension provider (12%) and investment company (7%)!
  • Interestingly within this the 18-34 year olds would be significantly more interested to hear from a bank/building society, an insurance provider and a financial adviser when compared to all the other older age groups!

After all, the focus might be on the government today, but it’s each and every one of us that bears the brunt of the budget decisions in one form or another!

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This survey was conducted amongst 500 UK adults from 9.30am to 11.30am (within 2 hours!) on Tuesday 21st November using our extremely quick and easy to use Harris 24 online platform.