Switching needn’t be a chore

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Gill Revans

We switch energy supplier every couple of years to keep up to date with current deals. With the level of information provided online by your supplier these days it makes using comparison sites so easy. All the information you need – gas and electricity consumption over the last 12 months, is clearly available so it’s just a case of plugging your postcode and those numbers into uSwitch or similar and you get a variety of deals to choose from.

We are thinking of moving house this year so did not want to sign up for a fixed deal just yet. I was aware of a couple of smaller providers offering cheaper general tariffs and First Utility came up as one of the cheaper ones.

I registered online with First Utility and the rest was all done for me. I had a couple of emails from my old provider expressing sadness that I was leaving but no hard sell from anyone. We got separate dates for gas and electricity switch over and had to supply readings when requested. Within two weeks of the switching date I had a total refund of £90 from npower into my bank account without any chasing. This was quite a surprise as it was around the time energy providers were making headlines again – this time for holding onto people’s money.

I have found First Utility to be great. You submit meter readings once a month online (no logging in – the link in the email takes you straight to a page). They have just adjusted my monthly payment as they forecast I will be overpaying if I stay on my current amount – note I am not currently hugely in credit. And this despite the fact they did raise their prices in the New Year.

Also there is no tie in with them so you can change at any time and I am currently paying the least amount a month that I have for years.

Now if I could just change my water supplier…


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