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Customer Power is a competitor benchmarking subscription service. It provides comprehensive customer relationship data and insight across 11 sectors and over 100 brands in the UK.

Access is easy, flexible, and value for money—a simple base price followed by a top-up fee each year for new data. Plus discounted pricing bundles for access to multiple sectors.

Customer Power is available in a number of ways so you can get easy access to the data and insight you need.
  • Subscribe to our online reporting platform, giving you the flexibility to use the data as you wish, create your own cross tabulations, and personalise your own powerpoint reports. You can buy access to all of the data, to one sector only, or to multiple sectors. Click here for Customer Power pricing options.
  • Opt for our off-the-shelf sector reports, with ready-made insight from our sector and solution experts, including brand case studies and hot topic data. Click here for Customer Power pricing options.
  • Request a bespoke report from the data, for example, if you want to combine insights across several sectors. Click here to obtain a price on request.
  • Create a bespoke online survey using your own customer sample and our templated questions and benchmark it with Customer Power sector data – if your brand isn’t already covered, or you want to boost the sample size or include your own segmentation. Click here to obtain a price on request.

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  • Debbie Senior
    Vice President - Global Products and Automation
    Debbie is Harris Europe’s first VP for Global Products and Automation. She leads our strategy to automate research products, processes, methodologies, and reporting, so our clients can benefit from our high quality research solutions more quickly and cost effectively. This includes developing, launching, and evolving new products to meet ongoing market needs, including Concept Express, Harris 24, Employee Power, and custom dashboards in 2016. These are already enabling our clients to take quicker decisions from the insights we provide, and ensure our focus is firmly on client service, efficient delivery, and adding value. In 2017, Debbie will continue to expand our automated product and reporting suite, including working with our new Permission-based Digital Tracking team on an exciting initiative. She previously headed up automation and stakeholder research within our UK business. In the past she played a key role in creating MRS Mystery Shopping best practice, her work has been shortlisted for MRS Awards, and she won a Queens Award for International Trade whilst at BPRI, a WPP company. She has 20 years of experience in the research industry.

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