Customer Experience

If aligned with changing needs, expectations, and behaviours, the experiences that customers have with brands can generate something unique that leads a more sustainable relationship. Specifically we can help you with:

Touchpoint experience design.

Deliver the experiences that customers want by better aligning them with customer requirements and setting threshold expectations of service delivery. This enables more effective resource allocation and cost reduction by eliminating elements that don’t add value for customers, whilst heightening desired experiences that more positively impact relationships.

In the moment customer feedback.

Take quick action from ‘in the moment’ customer feedback to improve experiences for customers and drive stronger recommendation and purchase behaviours, whether in-store or at an event.

Real time transactional improvement.

Set up real time monitoring to capture customer satisfaction/transactional feedback following a specific experience or event to enable continuous operational improvement. Data collection is often from multiple sources such as IVR, online, CATI and/or mobile.   Reporting is customised to meet specific needs including dashboard analytics.

Customer journey and decision making.

Explore the customer journey and decision making whilst on the path to purchase. This can be done in real time through a mobile/online diary approach to enable participants to upload photos, video clips, and audio content to enrich their feedback. The approach can be adapted to monitor experiences such as a holiday or a three day conference. What it will tell you:

  • How to maximise your level and type of interaction with customers to drive brand choice, preference, and the end purchase
  • The journey sequence and how to best prioritise touchpoints/interactions to invest in at different times of a journey to trigger a successful outcome
  • How to differentiate the experience to build brand engagement and emotional connection
  • When it is best to communicate with a consumer to influence their choice/decision including influencing a choice away from a competitive brand
  • Who else is influencing a customer, and how and when, and how to manage disruptions.