PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive empower you to run flexible in-depth research, quickly and simply, amongst your desired audience, with maximum impact.

Integrating a mix of qualitative and quantitative understanding into decisions being made around your business is key to bringing a holistic view to all sorts of questions: sense checking through the ideation process, concept testing, product trials, task based UX testing, deep behavioural understanding, attitudes to ads or marcomms.


  • Quick and Simple
    Set up within hours means projects can start the same day, so you can truly PopUP qual. Faster than other online options.
  • Holistic Perspective
    Tapping directly into our global panel of 13m+ people you can talk to exactly who you want when you want for just a few days, weeks, or months.
  • Truly Flexible
    Start Day 1 with one activity, and refine your research focus and activities as you go; add live chats, unmoderated forums, surveys, different audiences, follow up tasks whenever or however you like.
  • Impactful Influence
    Democratise research by bringing real-time analytics and decision making to anyone around your business and truly bring the customer needs to life with image, video and real-time live chat.

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Latest Videos

  • Highlights: The future of community-based research
    Highlights: The future of community-based research
    ITWP (Harris Interactive and Toluna) hosted an interactive debate on the future of community-based research. Some of the world’s biggest brand owners demonstrated the positive impact digital insight communities are having on their business.
  • Introducing Harris PopUP Communities
    Introducing Harris PopUP Communities
    Recorded Live - 28th June 2017 at the Soho Hotel, London, we present why we developed the Harris PopUP Communities solution, and how you can PopUP a short term community extremely quickly and use it to discover and drive detailed insights, engaging your participants with dynamic live chats and integrated short surveys seamlessly.
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  • PopUP Communities Overview
    PopUP Communities Overview
    Snapshot of the launch of Harris Interactive PopUP Communities - 29th June 2017 - includes full presentation video link
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What our clients say

  • We have worked with Harris Interactive over the years.  We now have an insight community managed by the team using their expertise in both research and community management. The community enables us to ensure our customers are central to our decision making.  The team understands our business and they leverage the community, and other approaches, to deliver quick and cost-effective research insights. They advise us on how to best engage with our community and are always on standby for any advice and urgent questions. The team members individually are great and very knowledgeable. I see them as an extension to our team. - Global tech firm

  • “We partnered with Harris Interactive to gather market and customer insight to feed into new product concepts. We had some tight deadlines - the speed at which the Harris team were able to turn the whole project around was phenomenal. They helped us pull together a survey, using their expertise in the topic to advise us on language and gave us access to their analytics tool as well as providing a write up. The tool is straight forward to use and very powerful – giving you the ability to cut the data how you need in a matter of seconds. The team were extremely flexible, we were testing and iterating concepts as we were going and they moderated the community really well to ensure we got the answers we need. The findings of the research gave us a clear direction for the products we were testing.Alice from SparksGrove (working on behalf of a media client)

  • Jack Lee
    Head of Online Communities
    Jack joined Harris in 2018 as Head of Online Communities, and is responsible for developing Online Communities across all of Harris Interactive’s sectors. Jack brings 9 years of industry experience, having previously worked at MindMover, Verve and Research Now. Jack’s main area of expertise is in ensuring online insight communities are adding value to clients. His key achievements include launching a high-value, multi-market, multi-language Pan-European community for a major international electronics retailer, as well as setting up and recruiting for one of the largest insight communities ever for a US pharmacy retail brand and building out a North American operations team to service the client. Besides online communities, Jack has strong experience in DIY research products, team management and online project management, and has worked with clients from wide-ranging sectors, from telecommunications, retail, IT, financial services and healthcare.
  • Peter Cooke
    Head of Digital
    Pete has over 20 years b2c and b2b international custom market research experience, spanning a wide range of market sectors and topics.  He has worked with Harris Interactive for 15 years, in a number of senior roles including Account Director, Head of UK Business Development, Head of Tech, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment (TMTE). and, currently, serves as Head of Digital and is part of the UK Senior Management Team. He is responsible for all aspects of developing Harris Interactive’s Digital Business across all sectors, coupling the best research thinking, category expertise and technology to meet the increasing demand for flexible, full-service, real-time research.

Further Information

  • PopUP Live Communityimage

    PopUP Live enables TV, radio and online broadcasters to gain in-the-moment feedback from viewers and listeners tuned into a specific show while it is on air.

  • PopUP Communitiesimage

    PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive allow you to launch projects within hours, designed and moderated by research experts, tapping directly into our global panel and bringing you engaging output to share instantly with your key decision makers.

  • PopUP Overview and Example Studyimage

    PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive empower you to run flexible in-depth research, quickly and simply, amongst your desired audience, with maximum impact. See how they work...