Product Trials

Sometimes you need consumers to physically try and use your products – whether the purpose is to identify the most appealing flavour / variant or to measure levels of purchase intent, recommendation or satisfaction. We offer both in-home user trials as well as in a central location (hall test).

For a hall test, we can conduct all the recruitment and our experienced interviewers will conduct the survey ensuring that respondents can directly test the products (with the order rotated to remove bias) in a controlled environment to ensure quality is maintained. It guarantees that responses are immediate, based on real-time experience and that open-ended questions can be probed, allowing more qualitative style, in-depth feedback on certain issues.

For an in-home trial, we can recruit using our panel and then conduct the research online which speeds up the analysis process. If you prefer you can manage delivery of the test products to respondents thus controlling the quality. Alternatively, we can manage this side of the process for you. In-home trials allow products to be used in a realistic setting at a time when the product is typically used.

Regardless of which methodology is most appropriate for your business, we will analyse the results in detail to ensure your questions are answered thoroughly and confidently.