Product Optimisation

Choice Optimisation

A powerful technique for measuring consumer preferences and trade-offs for different product and service features, benefits and prices, to optimise the right combination to drive stronger purchase levels.

Choice Optimisation is a standardised, yet high quality, actionable solution, designed by our experts to save you time and money in set-up and delivery.

  • It can be delivered in around one week at half the price of a bespoke option.
  • Find out which features influence choice and are necessary vs desired.
  • What the optimal feature/price combination is.
  • How much consumers will pay for a new feature.
  • What the uplift in a new introduction will be/check it doesn’t cannibalise the current line.
  • How your offer compares against key competing brands.

Choice Optimisation is built on years of best practice research expertise. At the end of the survey clients receive a simulator enabling them to run many different ‘what if’ scenarios. Our methodologists and experts will help to interpret the output and what it means for your business.


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Pack Testing

Packaging, which is often your ultimate touch point with consumers, is an important and strategic way to manage your brand portfolio.

However, 95% of our every day decisions are fast, automatic, spontaneous and subconscious. So in a world full of alternative choices your product and packaging needs to quickly connect and stand out from the competitive crowd.

Using expert methodology, our agile pack testing solution enables you to evaluate and optimise the likely impact of your product packaging for in market success. And because it’s powered by Toluna Start automation, you get best-practice research quality coupled with instant access to your target audience and real-time reporting, all at the speed your business demands.

Designed by Harris industry experts, based on decades of know-how; we are there to support you at every step, making it easy and giving you total confidence you’re asking the right questions of the right audience to get the insight you need.

Pack Testing works alone or alongside our agile Concept Testing service. Design, approach, and dashboard similarities create an easy to use solution for a systematic testing programme.

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What clients say...

  • Pack Testing was the perfect solution for our product development and stakeholder management needs. It allowed us to quant test simultaneously several pack formats as well as a couple of different designs early in the development process in order to get quick and robust answers to our questions. It was really easy to set-up and the online platform made it very simple to follow the KPI’s in real time. We would definitely consider using Pack Testing again in future key innovation projects.

    Head of Brand Development - Yeo Valley Family Farm

  • Pack Testing enabled us to evaluate 8 packaging concepts, extremely quickly, on our relevant KPIs and identify the winning pack.  This standardised solution offers significant flexibility.  We were able to achieve our goals, with agility, and with the expertise of Harris Interactive’s team. Consumer Insight Manager, International Skin Care Company

  • “[Concept Testing]...has been exactly what I needed – robust quant validation, that helped answer a couple of questions, but didn’t take ages or cost a fortune. I will definitely be in touch again when we’re in the next round of new concept work.” Innovation Manager, Whyte & Mackay

  • “Concept Testing was quick, efficient and sufficiently flexible to suit our requirements. The online real time system was a good way to engage our stakeholders and excited real interest in the project. It raised the profile of research internally and challenged – positively – expectations of what could be delivered by when.”  Customer Insights Manager – UK High Street Bank

Further Information

  • Choice Optimisationimage

    Harris Choice Optimisation is a quick and cost-effective research tool that helps companies make their products stand out from the crowd.

  • Pack Testingimage

    Our Pack Testing solution offers a fast and flexible, expert approach to help you identify the best product pack designs for maximum impact in market.