U & A

Usage & Attitude (U&A) Studies

Encompassing some similar aspects to market size and structure studies, our U&A studies delve much deeper into the drivers and nature of usage and behaviour, and the attitudes and perceptions around this.

We deliver a deep understanding of your target consumer’s mindset, needs and behaviour within the relevant category and competitive context, to help you plan product, brand and communication strategies.

Typically, we explore:
  • Needs and motivations driving choice and purchase, including product/service and brand considerations
  • Products, services, brands used and previous usage
  • Usage patterns and behaviours
  • Pre-purchase/envisaged usage versus post-purchase actual usage
  • Obstacles to usage, unmet needs and potential future usage patterns and behaviours
  • Planned future purchases, usage patterns and behaviours

Brand strengths and weaknesses, market segmentation and proposition testing can also be encompassed within and derived from these in-depth studies.

We also collect and analyse a wealth of profiling information such as demographics and other product/service usage and behaviours relevant to the category, to help place findings and planning in context.

Our category experts are able to overlay years of experience to add further context, insight and recommendations.

For deeper understanding of the market we often incorporate Harris Interactive unique tools and techniques, namely ‘Needs mapping tool’.