Pathway to Purchase

It’s been said that understanding the pathway to purchase is the key to successful marketing. If you know how your potential customers approach the challenge of making a purchase decision, then you can gear your marketing activity to fi t most effectively with this process. And by contrast, if you fail to do this, then you will miss the opportunity to influence their purchase.

To be precise, a pathway to purchase is the series of steps taken by a purchaser from the trigger to start consideration through to the moment of making the purchase.

The steps comprise touchpoints, such as speaking to advisors, searching for information, and so on. And they include strategies, such as starting from a wide consideration set with an intention to spend time and effort exploring options, or knowing from the outset exactly what brand, product or service you intend to buy.

We use various techniques

Applying our six different types of pathway segments; where each segment clusters shoppers’s overall strategy, their feelings about the process, the steps they took along the way and their satisfaction with the result which can be appended to any U&A, Segmentation or Market sizing study.

Or, we can run specific study tailored to the particular category and segment these individually. Moreover, by using mobile app we can track the pathway to purchase in real time following respondents while they are on the way.