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Get answers to your business questions within 24 hours
We’ve all experienced situations where deadlines are cut, an urgent request needs answers tomorrow, or decisions need extra validation without much budget. Harris 24 is for those moments when you need to canvass consumer opinion from nationally representative populations to targeted audiences, quickly and cost effectively.

  • Ultrafast high quality insights from up to 5000 consumers
  • Real time data access via an analytics platform with exportable outputs
  • Reach of 13+ million global consumers across 50+ markets via the Toluna community
  • Pre-qualified consumers on 60+ demographics/profiles + custom targeting
  • Up to 50 questions per survey
  • Easy survey duplication for multiple audiences/markets
  • Harris expert survey design support included. Additional request services: translations, data tables, open end coding, specialist weighting, ppt report

You can launch a survey whenever you need to. Harris 24 is a flexible & speedy alternative to omnibus surveys. You can also use your own customer sample.

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Audiences profiled include:

  • Main store chain shoppers
  • Online shoppers
  • Owners of certain car brands
  • People with specific medical conditions
  • Specific banking customers
  • Those who plan to buy a mobile/tablet/desktop
  • Social network users
  • Specific media/entertainment consumers
  • Video gamers
  • Luxury product buyers
  • Sports players and gym goers
  • Frequent travellers
How clients have benefited from Harris 24:

    • Health and Nutrition U&A insights
    • Supermarket shopper behaviour
    • Public opinion on weekly events for a TV programme
    • Banking trust and confidence
    • Opinions on economy, society, environment and politics
    • Reactions to breaking news and politics
    • Price and promotional testing
    • Communications pre-testing
    • Product/service concept/proposition testing
    • Post event customer experience
    • Name testing


How we’ll work with you to ensure survey success:

  1. As usual, tell us your aims and scope and any headlines you need
  2. Our research and sector experts provide consultancy and support throughout your project
  3. We’ll confirm the price – it will be cost effective
  4. We design and script a tailored survey for you to ensure you meet your objectives. Based on 20 question types including single and multiple code, grid, open ended, ranking questions and video/images
  5. If required we will translate your survey for you
  6. We can easily duplicate the same survey to multiple audiences and/or markets and launch them cost effectively
  7. We launch the survey to your audience of interest
  8. Results directly feed into an automated real-time analysis and reporting tool – this allows you to get an immediate read on your story
  9. You’ll receive data in real time. In many surveys additional weighting won’t be needed, but if you need something specific we can apply it for an additional fee; your results will take a little longer. Additionally, we can code open ended verbatims, provide data tables, or our experts will provide insight interpretation/a report for you; price on request
  10. In addition, we can present the results to you in person or via a web meeting





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    Harris 24 is especially for when you need answers fast from the general population. 1000-2000 responses can be achieved in less than 24 hrs

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