Employee Power™ is Harris Interactive’s ready to deploy employee engagement survey solution. Designed by our employee research experts across Europe, this solution provides organisations with a fast and affordable way of gathering employee feedback leading to actionable insights. Helping to create higher levels of employee engagement is at the core of Employee Power™; with online dynamic reporting for each reportable organisational unit and built in actions plans – this could be the right solution to you get ahead of what’s next.

Harris Interactive has a track record of helping employees realise the power of their employees to deliver organisational performance, but this is no longer exclusively for large organisations with resources to deliver complex programmes. We’ve married our years of experience with our digital expertise to create Employee Power™, a solution that works for most organisations. Features such as dynamic word clouds, demographic filtering and question drivers for action are all included. We have taken the strain out of the design of the programme so you can focus on engagement – to switch on your people and power up your organisation!


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If you are considering running an employee engagement survey or have an established programme and are exploring other options, don’t hesitate to contact us for a no obligation demonstration to understand how Employee Power™ could be the right solution for your organisation. Simply enter you details and one of our experts will get back to you.You can also use this form to be contacted about one of our custom survey solutions – designed, developed and deployed using our in-house digital expertise.



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    Employee Power™ has been developed to simplify and automate employee survey creation, data collection, reporting, benchmarking, and action planning.