Communication Testing & Tracking

We specialise in marketing communication effectiveness assessment and its impact on your brand. Namely, multimedia pre-testing, campaign tracking and post campaign effectiveness assessment.

We have the ability to separate each individual advert and medium and assess the impact each has on your brand, in addition to the impact of the campaign overall. This will help you to plan your communication campaign and budget more effectively.

Examples of some of the research we conduct
  • Multi-media pre-test: used to measure and understand combinations of media and /or different types of advert within each media, including full diagnosis of the contribution of each element to the whole. The goal is to ensure that the right media and types of advert are selected before the campaign starts.
  • Rapid pre-test: a very quick disaster-check of individual advert executions prior to airing. This particularly applies where the general theme of the advert has already been tested, and it is only required to know that the new execution successfully continues that theme, without inadvertently communicating badly for some aspect.
  • In-campaign tracking: a tracking study to check the resulting effectiveness of the advertising, in the context of competitor activity and the full surround of other communications and experiences. It measures the effectiveness of the advertising in driving changes in brand attitudes.
  • Post-campaign effectiveness measurement: measures effectiveness of each medium after a campaign. Our method is able to separate impact of each medium used on the brand health. This method provides our clients with an in depth assessment of each individual advert providing TrueLift on different brand measures