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Assess your brand’s health vs. category competitors with our proprietary hi brandsTM model, combining your current equity with your brand’s future relevance and vitality. Assessment can be done as a moment in time or via ongoing tracking.

Ensure your brand is fit for the future and to fight competitive threats with this unique approach to brand health measurement. As consumer expectations of brands evolve at pace and market disruption continues, a strong brand today does not automatically equate to future success.

Hi brands™ by Harris Interactive looks beyond brand equity and past performance with added emphasis on the future relevance and vitality of your brand, including a sense of belonging and excitement.

Powered by the perfect fusion of expertise and technology

Hi brands™ is highly actionable, providing a granular and diagnostic view of your brand and category competitors’ relative strengths, weaknesses and shifting positions over time; so you can take impactful decisions faster to ensure the future health of your brand and in-market success.

It offers brand managers and marketers a better perspective than traditional static measures. It can be used alongside or integrated with your existing brand tracker and it can be linked with category needs and brand perceptions to give a totally holistic view.

Developed with Aston Business School and finalist in the MRS best innovation awards, this compelling brand health measurement model is delivered at the speed your business demands through the perfect fusion of expertise and technology.

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    We assess your brand’s health vs. category competitors with our proprietary hi brands™ model uniquely focusing on future relevance and brand vitality.