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Brand and communication development and effectiveness – your journey starts here

As we embrace the ‘new normal’, brands are facing unprecedented challenges – but also fresh opportunities. The changing landscape has seen brands forced to take a detour from traditional sales and marketing paths, while evaluating the success of newer products has been overshadowed by consumer uncertainties over health and finances.

Understanding consumer needs at this time is crucial, and that is why measuring your brand health and communication performance is more important than ever before. Brands are constantly rethinking their strategies as they define what the ‘new normal’ is, with many of the old benchmarks of success becoming obsolete.

We can help you navigate this journey. Our comprehensive suite of products and solutions can create new benchmarks providing an up-to-date view of your brand and category competitors for each phase of your brand and communication development.

Our best practice research expertise and approaches, combined with innovative and agile solutions helps you to manage your brand and communication needs more quickly and cost effectively with quality assured.



And with our unique hi brands™ brand health framework at it’s heart, a finalist in the MRS best innovation awards, you can look beyond your brand’s equity and past performance with added emphasis on future relevance and vitality; helping you to monitor your brand health and communication effectiveness now and into the future.

We can help:

  • Measure your brand health through brand tracking or on an ad hoc basis
  • Develop your brand positioning: Brand strategy development
  • Test the early stage of communication development – from narrowing initial communication ideas to screening draft creatives; to select the most effective creative route for further production
  • Pre-test your almost final communication campaign to make sure of its effectiveness
  • Measure your campaign effectiveness after launch

Further Information

  • Comms Screeningimage

    Assess your initial communication messages and creative ideas amongst your consumer audience more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before.

  • Creative Testingimage

    Consistency of measurement and ease of interpretation - our solution makes your communication and creative development programme more efficient.

  • Comms Pre-Launchimage

    Improve the quality and potential impact of ads, and minimise elements that could lead to an unsuccessful launch.

  • Comms Post-Launchimage

    Assess your communication's impact immediately after launch, throughout the lifetime of the campaign or overall once your campaign finishes.

  • Brand Healthimage

    We assess your brand’s health vs. category competitors with our proprietary hi brands™ model uniquely focusing on future relevance and brand vitality.

What our clients say

  • Thank you for your support throughout the projects we run together, and for your positive attitude - overall we are getting fantastic results and feedback, and see our impact on the key decisions. Obviously our success also rests on the great partners we have, like you.