Scottish Government seeks to address fuel poverty

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Richard Moore

I saw a very interesting news release this week from the Scottish Government in relation to tackling fuel poverty. In short, the Scottish Government has just announced a £224 million national scheme which will launch in September with a view to tackling fuel poverty. The scheme will take place over a 7 year period with the aim of offering support to up to 28,000 households which are considered fuel poor.

This looks like it is going to be of great benefit to the households that need the support but I was also very interested to see that there is a firm commitment to renewable energy sources and clever implementation of such sources to support households that are based in rural areas (off grid). This can only further act as an educational tool in terms of showing what can be done to support those who are fuel poor both in terms of traditional methods of insulation and implementing new renewable energy sources.

All of this can only be a good thing for demonstrating what can be achieved as well as for local communities and the environment.


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