The Grocer

For the past 8 years Harris Interactive has been a trusted research partner to The Grocer magazine providing timely, relevant and topical consumer research to support in-depth feature articles appearing within the magazine. More recently, we provide the Grocer with rapid access to consumer insight to support monthly digital features appearing on their website; as well as the print magazine.

The Grocer’s digital features explore a range of topics in great depth from Alcohol to Baking, Milk to Confectionery – and for each feature Harris Interactive publishes an insight report to support our research appearing in the articles.

A selection of our most recent reports can be found below. The full archive of reports can be found in the reports section of this website.

For more information about our work with The Grocer or to commission consumer research of your own, please contact us.


Latest Reports

  • The Grocer Report: Food To Goimage

    Over half of those who purchase lunch-to-go during the week, prefer to buy sandwiches, compared to just over a quarter that prefer to have hot food.

  • The Grocer Report: Ciderimage

    A third of those who drink cider try new flavours often, and just under 1 in 10 almost always do, with 25-34s being most receptive to new flavours.

  • The Grocer: Pet Foodimage

    Nearly six in ten pet owners agree that pet food is as important to them as food for the family.

  • The Grocer Report: Noodlesimage

    In the UK, noodles to go products are most likely to be perceived as cheap and cheerful (63%); particularly by women.

  • The Grocer Report: Hot Beveragesimage

    Over half (56%) consume tea everyday, with just over three quarters of consumers drinking tea on a weekly basis.

  • The Grocer Report: Male Groomingimage

    Who spends more effort and money on their grooming – men or women? Harris Interactive was interested to get to the bottom of this and try bring some clarity to the discussion.

  • The Grocer Report: Synthetic Milkimage

    Three quarters (74%) of those buying alternative milks did this as they felt it was better for their health

  • The Grocer Report: Breakfastimage

    One in four Brits aren’t prepared to spend any longer than two minutes making their breakfast on a weekday

  • The Grocer Report: Snackingimage

    Snack brands are mixing things up! A new wave of innovative, healthy, low-calorie snack options has been taking over the UK market.

  • The Grocer Report: Confectioneryimage

    8 out of 10 Brits consume chocolate at least once a week, with 29% consuming chocolate on a daily basis. Just 4% never eat chocolate.

  • The Grocer Report: Alcoholic Drinksimage

    Just over two-thirds of consumers drink alcoholic spirits – a quarter of whom would be more likely to buy ‘craft’ spirits rather than standard spirits.

  • The Grocer Report: Franchise and Fasciaimage

    Over 6 out of 10 (62%) respondents visit their local convenience store at least weekly

  • The Grocer Report: Ice Creamimage

    Over three in ten (31%) regularly eat ice cream, with males more likely to eat ice cream on a more regular basis.

  • The Grocer Report: Plant-based Foodimage

    A quarter of UK adults are planning to reduce the amount of meat they eat across the next 12 months. This is highest amongst the under 35s

  • The Grocer Report: Proteinimage

    Just under one fifth (18%) of respondents are trying to eat more protein, with males and younger consumers (18-44) significantly more likely to be doing so.

  • The Grocer Report: Soft Drinksimage

    Over 7 out of 10 (72%) respondents consume a soft drink weekly (or more often), with 37% claiming they consume at least one a day.


  • Lucia Juliano
    Head of CPG & Retail Research
    Lucia joined Harris Interactive in January 2009 to head up the FMCG & Retail research team. Lucia brings 10-years of client-side experience having worked previously in senior insight roles at Homebase, Carlsberg and Boots. Lucia has experience of working on a variety of strategic & tactical research projects including proposition optimisation, brand and communication strategies, channel development and U&A/segmentation studies. Lucia also has a strong background in category management and customer loyalty insight, linking together transactional data with research findings.