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Looking for more effective social media engagement for your brand?

With UK consumers now spending 1 hour 20 minutes per day on social media sites, it’s increasingly important for brand owners to understand more about their target audiences’ social media activities and preferences.

SocialLife, Harris Interactive’s definitive survey of UK social media habits, gives you the opportunity to do just that by, uniquely, profiling your customers’ social media usage and satisfaction, benchmarked against category and other sectors. We’ve profiled over 300 of the UK’s favourite brands to date.

What is SocialLife?

  • Harris Interactive’s social media tracker surveys 3,000+ representative social media users aged 11+ three times each year
  • All of the key platforms included, from long-established like Facebook to challenger sites like Snapchat and Vine
  • Comprehensive satisfactory, usage and attitudes data captured that we can profile at total market, sector and brand levels
  • A brand new market segmentation to help you understand your audience at a glance and then in detail

How your brand will benefit from SocialLife

  • All insights are specific to your brand, benchmarked against competitors and the UK
  • Understand your brand’s social media landscape and what makes it unique
  • Understand your brand’s social media engagement, quality and performance and how it compares
  • Understand how, why and where social media is used
  • Partner with us to add our bespoke profiling to sync with existing studies

Get in touch with us to discuss how your brand can benefit from SocialLife!

  • £1,900 for a report profiling your brand’s customers
  • £500 to add other brands to future waves of SocialLife
  • Bespoke questions / insight can be discussed


  • Lee Langford
    Research Director
    Lee has over 20 years experience in the telecoms, media, technology and entertainment sectors, and loves exploring social media and other current issues through consumer research.

Further Information

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    Looking for more effective social media engagement for your brand? SocialLife is the most comprehensive tracker of UK social media usage.

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    UK social media use
    The latest social media statistics from the September 2014 wave of our SocialLife tracker (based on a robust sample of 5,500 nationally representative online UK consumers - aged 11 and above)
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