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  • 84% of respondents had heard of the term “Plant-Based”, but over a quarter think that plant based is about eating more plants without cutting out meat and dairy.
  • Nearly 7 in 10 respondents believe that buying food and drink that’s ethically sourced is important.
  • The majority of consumers struggle to sleep, with over 6 in 10 having difficulty sleeping weekly or more often.
  • The 2019 Rugby World Cup has topped our familiarity buzz this month, with more than half of the GB audience stating they are familiar...
  • Includes a 'Sports Index' summarising engagement levels across a mix of 21 team and individual sports.
  • This report considers handset ownership, network and contract type, attitudes to upgrading, and new features and functionalities which encourage purchase of a new phone.
  • This report takes a quick dip into the market appetite to stream PC and Console quality games on mobile.
  • Harris Interactive is delighted to see its research published in a new major report by the BBC, showcased in this week’s Media, Tech & Society Conference 2019 hosted by the BBC.
  • Boris Johnson taking the reins as Prime Minister has topped our familiarity buzz this month, ranking 4th place in our all-time familiarity list.
  • Glastonbury 2019 tops our familiarity buzz for July, with 8 in 10 of the British public stating they are familiar. Toy Story 4 and the FIFA Women's World Cup follow closely in second and third place.