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  • Toluna and Harris Interactive surveyed over 5,000 mobile gamers about their attitudes, usage, and preferences for streaming, ads, and more.
  • Gearing Up for 2020-21 - Football fans’ views on the impact of COVID-19 and football sponsorship
  • Harris Interactive and Toluna used Toluna Quicksurveys to explore how UK football fans are responding to existing and predicted changes in the game.
  • Social media is a significant influencer of cleaning behaviour with a third saying it encourages them to buy more products and clean their homes more often.
  • The majority of consumers (38%) agree that bottled water is a big cause of environmental problems .
  • Most Brits are not currently vegan, and half don’t know anyone who follows a vegan lifestyle. The younger generation are more likely to know a vegan.
  • Just over one-fifth of consumers are buying more meal deals compared to last year, higher amongst the younger consumer and males.
  • Consumers around the world use new technology in different yet consistent ways.
  • It's easy to assume that Generation-Z, successors of Millennials, will adopt the same characteristics as their predecessors. Our latest study reveals differences...
  • 84% of respondents had heard of the term “Plant-Based”, but over a quarter think that plant based is about eating more plants without cutting out meat and dairy.