Harris SmartLife

The Internet of Things (IOT) is becoming a reality and our lives are increasingly smart with usage of devices like smartphones and tablets absolutely mainstream.

This report looks at a whole range of existing and upcoming devices, services and technologies that will affect our everyday lives, whether it’s being entertained, life in the home, in the kitchen, out and about and in the car.

We look at awareness and appreciation of a long list of “smart” things and the “Internet of Things”, including drivers and barriers to uptake.

We also look at over-arching opinions and concerns about how we might live in a near-future Smarter World. We measure the following:

  • Awareness & familiarity in general
  • Specific smarter / IOT applications:
    • Awareness and familiarity
    • Exposure (used or seen in action)
    • Perceived usefulness
    • Excitement
    • Future usage or acquisition intent
    • Drivers of intent to use /  acquire
    • Reasons for rejection (barriers)
  • Best supplier for selected Smart applications
  • Perceived “smartness” of current service providers
  • Broader concerns and comfort

And we have also included:

  • In their own words: illustrative verbatim comments
  • One page summaries of each Smart application
  • List of brands covered in the survey

This is an extensive report and we go deeper by showing key results split by the following:

  • Age, gender, social grade and by parents of under 16s
  • by where people live (city, town, rural etc…)
  • by technology adoption (early adopters etc…)

How you can benefit from Smartlife

We may have comparison data for your own customers. See the Appendix within the report to see if we have included your brand and your competitors in the study.

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