• Choice Optimisation
    Harris Choice Optimisation is a quick and cost-effective research tool that helps companies make their products stand out from the crowd.
  • Comms Screening
    Assess your initial communication messages and creative ideas amongst your consumer audience more rapidly and cost-effectively than ever before.
  • Creative Testing
    Consistency of measurement and ease of interpretation - our solution makes your communication and creative development programme more efficient.
  • Comms Pre-Launch
    Improve the quality and potential impact of ads, and minimise elements that could lead to an unsuccessful launch.
  • Comms Post-Launch
    Assess your communication's impact immediately after launch, throughout the lifetime of the campaign or overall once your campaign finishes.
  • PopUP Live Community
    PopUP Live enables TV, radio and online broadcasters to gain in-the-moment feedback from viewers and listeners tuned into a specific show while it is on air.