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  • FMCG Relationship Management
    Bringing our client closer to their customers and staying ahead of the competition, by helping them to better understand changing needs of different segments, prioritise improvements to the experiences that have the most impact on loyalty and retention, and doing so in a way that is sustainable and profitable for their business.
    • Customer Experience
    • Customer Relationships
    • Drinks Manufacturer
  • In-The-Moment Experiences
    By taking action from the research our client has seen record booking levels and exceptional levels of visitor satisfaction. The attraction has won internationally recognised Awards for Excellence.
    • Customer Experience
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • In the moment experiences
  • Touchpoint Experience Design
    This piece of research improved the customer journey through all key areas of the experience to meet customer needs and priorities and drive improving standards of service in the Insurance industry. A syndicate of 12 insurers. Benchmark tracking since 1998 - satisfaction with household and motor claims handling post event. Online portal for access to results.
    • Customer Experience
    • Touchpoint Design
  • Hilton Community
    Communities are the perfect solution for engaged research with your target audience, but it is critical to ensure you are getting the valid answers you need to make informed business decisions. Understanding your community members and their relationship with your brand is key to ensuring the right people are answering the right surveys, and correctly interpreting their wider needs and expectations is vital when you’re spending your valuable budget based on their opinions.
    • Harris Interactive Communities
    • Online Communities
  • We were commissioned on a major project to help the client understand the mass audiences to out-of-home media and the opportunities to reach these mass audiences in moods and modes which offer unique need states for advertisers.
    • advertising research
    • Out of home
  • Using an online panel approach, weighted to be nationally representative of online demographics, Harris Interactive has worked intensively with the BPI since 2009, conducting three major investigations
    • Music Audiences
    • U&A