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  • Challenge:  Kraft Heinz wanted to understand how to position a product in an upcoming campaign. The team was incredibly busy and had a key review meeting the next week, so they needed fresh insights to make their decision ahead of this looming deadline. To determine the most powerful messaging, they wanted to conduct a MaxDiff […]
  • Challenge: Jelena is the Global Vice President of Consumer Insights and Marketing Research for Fragrances at Takasago. In addition to developing new fragrances, Takasago is constantly creating new technologies that go with them. But that innovation needs to be substantiated through consumer insights, and the team needed to test a variety of claims to confidently […]
  • Challenge: A business unit at Nestle faced the challenge of determining which claims would resonate most effectively with consumers for an upcoming campaign. Seeking a more profound understanding than traditional ranking or matrix questions could provide, they decided to explore a MaxDiff study. Download case study here
  • Challenge: Juliana is a self-proclaimed superfan of MaxDiff analysis for its ability to provide clear answers. However, the vendors they had been using lacked user friendly tools and were slower-moving because they manually conducted MaxDiff studies. Additionally, she knew from previous experience working at an MR firm that it was challenging to pull off at […]
  • Challenge: Beam Suntory wanted to use a combination of Quant and Qual research to explore the most appealing Gin ‘serves’ amongst consumers in the UK and US. The goal was to rejuvenate strong growth for the brand and give the entire category a boost. A new gin wouldn’t achieve this, but more interesting ways to […]
  • Challenge: Asahi looked across their business at all of their different concept testing vendors and methodologies, and identified a number of issues that were holding them back. They were adding complexity, adding time, and sometimes even creating repetition—all of which fundamentally delayed speed to decision-making. One of the biggest issues was the use of inconsistent […]