More than half of employees admit to ‘pulling a sickie’, finds new Harris Interactive research

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On National Sickie Day, survey reveals that a third of workers who called in sick had nothing wrong with them, while one in five had been ‘found out’ by employers

London, UK, 4th February 2019: The first Monday in February has become known as National Sickie Day – when UK employers brace themselves for a host of excuses as to why people can’t make it into work. And a new employee opinion survey from Harris Interactive reveals that over 50% of people admit to having ‘pulled a sickie’ in the past, with 71% of absentees saying they felt ‘justified’ in doing so, and two-thirds confessing they would do it again in future.

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The study of more than 1,000 UK respondents, found that more than half (530) had pulled a sickie, and 51% of those had done so in the past 12 months. Of the absentees, 32% were totally fine, while more than a third (34%) were exaggerating a minor illness or ailment. Sixty per cent of absentees said they would definitely pull a sickie again in the future, although 21% per cent revealed they had been caught out by their employer.

The study also found:

• More than a third (31%) of absentees planned their sickie in advance
• Sickies are more likely to be pulled in winter (28%), although 46% of absentees said the season made no difference
• Almost a quarter (24%) of those who have pulled a sickie don’t feel positive about going to work when they wake up in the morning

The research revealed that UK workers felt it was ‘acceptable’ to pull a sickie if you have mental health issues or are under stress, or for childcare reasons, but that it was ‘unacceptable’ if you had a hangover or to extend a holiday. More than half (59%) of respondents said if employers offered flexible absence schemes that did not affect annual leave then they would no longer be tempted to pull a sickie.

Vijay Mistry, Head of Employee Research at Harris Interactive, comments: “While the notion of National Sickie Day and ‘pulling a sickie’ may be considered light-hearted, the wider implications of why employees call in sick are more serious and suggest an underlying issue – that of mental health. With many workers feeling it is acceptable and sometimes necessary for them to pull a sickie when feeling overworked or stressed, there’s an implicit suggestion that employers need to be more aware of how they can support the psychological well-being of staff.”

The survey was completed by 1,039 UK participants and was conceived, designed, fielded and analysed by Harris Interactive’s Employee Research Insights team during January 2019.


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