ITWP Group Debuts “Insights on Demand: Building Success in the On-Demand Economy”

Industry pioneer and ITWP CEO and founder, Frédéric-Charles Petit, releases book geared towards helping brands understand the power of on-demand consumer insights

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WILTON, CT – April 15, 2019 – ITWP—parent holding-company of Toluna, Harris Interactive, and KuRunData—today announced the official book launch of “Insights on Demand: Building Success in the On-Demand Economy,” written by ITWP CEO and founder, Frédéric-Charles Petit, in keeping with his mission to transform the market research industry.

The book, which is available for print and digital purchase on Amazon here, is designed for brand leaders looking to understand the impact that on-demand insights can have on supporting critical decision-making and business transformation.

Insights on Demand was first conceptualized and launched in 2017 as a means to propel the consumer insights industry forward to ensure success in today’s on-demand economy. In the current fast-paced atmosphere of the marketing and advertising industries, professionals must develop ideas more rapidly than ever before.

To develop the Insights on Demand concept, it was essential to involve industry leaders. As a result, ITWP launched the Insights on Demand Consortium, a multilateral group of more than 150 members from a wide variety of industries, including CPG, high-tech, advertising, and market research – all focused on further evolving, refining and promoting the principles of Insights on Demand as a new and improved solution to optimize consumer insights in real-time and fuel business success in this new economy. The book features commentary from a collection of Consortium members.

“‘Insights on Demand: Building Success in the On-Demand Economy’ will help business leaders understand the need for insight into ever-shifting consumer sentiments, and to drive business success,” commented Petit. “In today’s on-demand economy, we need to be more forward-thinking than ever before in our approach to understanding consumers constantly changing needs. Insights on Demand will help businesses harness the deep, meaningful insights they need when they need them most — in real-time.”

Visit to purchase the book, or download a digital copy at

All proceeds from sales of “Insights on Demand: Building Success in the On-Demand Economy” will be donated to the ESOMAR Foundation, the charity arm of ESOMAR, the global industry association of market, social and opinion research.

About Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO of ITWP Group, Founder and CEO of Toluna, CEO of Harris Interactive
Frédéric-Charles Petit’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands, and consumers engage with one another, with the ultimate objective of transforming the market research industry into a real-time, mass market and social experience.

As CEO of the ITWP Group, Toluna, Harris Interactive and KuRunData, Petit leads a staff of more than 1,400 team members spanning 24 offices and five continents. Each focuses on helping leading companies across the globe make better business decisions by bringing brands and people together via a streamlined research platform, the world’s largest social voting community, and leading industry expertise.

Petit holds a Master’s degree in comparative jurisprudence from New York University and a diploma in advanced studies in international economic law from the Sorbonne in Paris (D. E. A.). He practiced law in the corporate department of the Paris office of Allen & Overy before establishing Toluna in May 2000.

About Insights on Demand
Insights on Demand is a transformational market category based on business needs for fully integrated approaches to understanding constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste. This democratized vision for market research makes insights into consumer intent accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes. Insights on Demand promotes integration between technology and companies to provide iterative real-time insights that reflect constantly shifting market sentiment. ITWP, the parent company of Toluna, Harris Interactive Europe, and KuRunData launched Insights on Demand in November 2017, and the Insights on Demand Consortium shortly thereafter. For more information about Insights on Demand, or to join the consortium visit