Harris Interactive France and Epoka will measure the pulse of voters ahead of European elections

Agencies partner to provide insights for French media giants TF1, LC1, RTL and Le Figaro

Harris Interactive

Paris, FRANCE, 26th March, 2019: Harris Interactive, the full-service digital consultative custom market research agency, and Epoka, the corporate, HR and BtoB communications agency, have joined forces to measure voting intentions ahead of the European elections in France on 26th May, 2019.

In an initiative branded “The Pulse of the Campaign”, the companies will conduct ongoing polling to “measure, identify, and understand” voting intentions and electoral motivations. This ongoing study will become more frequent as the election draws near, using flash surveys that will measure the impact of different societal events in real time.

On election day itself, Harris Interactive and Epoka will release the findings, including:

  • An estimate of the French vote which will be presented live at 8pm on partner channels including French TV channel TF1, and radio stations LCI and RTL. Results will also be covered in national newspaper Le Figaro.
  • A “Voting Day” survey, conducted among a large sample of French people, will make it possible to understand the key issues underpinning the vote, and enable partners to develop perspectives to explore in the months to come.

The partnership of Harris Interactive and the Epoka agency relies on a synergy of complementary strengths: the measurement expertise, analytical finesse, and speed of execution at Harris Interactive combined with the support for understanding contemporary issues and innovation in the dissemination of information at Epoka.

Harris Interactive France is part of the ITWP Group of companies, including Harris Interactive UK, Harris Interactive Germany, Toluna, and KuRunData. ITWP CEO Frederic-Charles Petit commented, “I am thrilled that Harris Interactive and Epoka have been selected to provide ‘The Pulse of the Campaign’ to leading French media. Harris Interactive has truly digitalised consumer insights to deliver high-quality insights in real-time.”

All publications and information will be available on the website www.harris-interactive.fr and the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

About Harris Interactive France
Harris Interactive blends innovative technology and expert support beyond research, ensuring clients make impactful decisions to stay Ahead of What’s Next. Harris Interactive France is managed by the company’s founders Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux and Patrick Van Bloeme, and develops innovative qualitative and quantitative approaches, leveraging technology to offer agile solutions.

Harris Interactive France is part of the ITWP Group of companies, including Harris Interactive UK, Harris Interactive Germany, Toluna, and KuRunData.

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