Harris Interactive Europe poll powered by Toluna QuickSurveys accurately calls the Scottish Vote

Advanced methodology and efficient, accurate data collection wins the day

Harris Interactive UK

London – 19th September: Harris Interactive Europe’s recent Scottish Referendum poll, conducted on behalf of fund management group Crystal Amber, entitled Turnout will decide the independence vote, proved a very accurate prediction of the final result. The poll reported that if turnout was larger than typical – which was likely given the gravity of the occasion – the result would move in the ‘No’ direction, with 52% reporting their vote intent ‘No’ and 45% reporting a ‘Yes’.”

All polling companies reported a very tight margin between the yes and no vote. However, by modelling the data to the predicted higher than average turnout the poll anticipated that margin would clearly grow in favour of the ‘NO’s.

Ian Smith, UK Head of Marketing at Harris Interactive Europe commented, “We’re delighted the result confirms the accuracy of the prediction and once we remove ‘undecided’ respondents from the higher-turnout scenario we see a 54% to 46 % split – a remarkable reflection of the 55% to 45% final result.”

The election provided the first real opportunity for Harris Interactive Europe to apply their technology and panel expertise – which is available as part of the wider ITWP group – using Toluna QuickSurveys. By blending this efficient data collection service with their advanced research methodology, the poll delivered a very accurate and swift projection.

Ian continued, “The accuracy of this result provides yet another assurance of quality that our clients have come to expect and can continue to rely on.”

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