Positive support amongst UK consumers for supermarket Iceland’s packaging announcement

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Richard Moore

Supermarket Iceland announced last week that it plans to remove plastic packaging from its own label products by 2023. Elsewhere, other UK high street retailers have also recently been sharing their plans for biodegradable and fully recyclable packaging. This is also a hot topic amongst MPs with hundreds of MPs now calling on supermarkets to scrap plastic packaging.

We were very interested in what UK consumers thought about Iceland’s announcement and launched a Harris 24 survey to find out. Our survey launched on the 24th January and 1,012 interviews were collected between 10am and 3pm based on a general population of consumers.

The infographic below summaries key responses to the questions that we asked:


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Key headlines from the research

  • Almost 7 in 10 of survey participants have heard about Iceland’s announcement
  • There is overwhelming support for the announcement with 87% of all participants thinking that Iceland’s goal of removing plastic packaging from its own label products by 2023 is believable
  • 64% of participants would be willing to switch to own branded products at the supermarket that they shop at most often if plastic packaging was removed, potentially leading to mainstream brands needing to seriously rethink the recyclability of their packaging
  • However, consumers need convincing that alternative packaging methods can offer the same degree of freshness, be offered at a comparable price and have the same shelf life as their plastic counterparts. Only a fifth of participants had no concerns about transitioning to non-plastic materials
  • 46% of participants currently shop at Iceland
  • 36% of participants who do not currently shop at Iceland would be willing to switch to Iceland if it is successful in removing plastic packaging from its own branded products (and assuming that there was a store local to them)
  • Almost four-fifths of participants always make effort to recycle packaging from their household food and drink items and feel confident that they know how to do so

Here are some examples of comments made in reaction to Iceland’s announcement:


A word cloud quantifying responses:

It is very positive to see such strong support and belief in Iceland’s goal and we think that it will surely encourage other supermarkets to act on this important topic.

If you are interested in seeing more results from this survey then please contact us and we will be happy to share these with you. A more detailed report is report  is available to download here!


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