RIP bread?

Nearly half of Brits ditch the bread in their sarnies

The Grocer

More than 40% of Brits have swapped the bread in their sarnies for a sandwich alternative, exclusive research for The Grocer reveals.

Of those ditching bread, wraps are the most popular alternative, with 62% of consumers buying them. Rolls and pitta are the next most popular alternatives (see below).

Meanwhile, 15% have moved away from bread & baked goods completely, choosing low-carb options such as lettuce instead.

Harris Interactive – which polled 2,019 Brits on behalf of The Grocer – found that 54% believe wholemeal and seeded loaves are healthier than white bread.

Seventeen per cent believe white bread is full of additives and 20% think it is full of sugar.

Despite health concerns, 20% of respondents claim white bread tastes better than pre-sliced wholemeal and seeded loaves, with men more likely to think so. And there is a clear drop-off of this view the older the consumer. Thirty-two per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds say white bread is tastier compared with only 17% of those over 55.

When it comes to price, 29% of Brits would be happier to spend more dough on loaves with proven health benefits and a further 29% are happier to splash out on brands such as Kingsmill and Warburtons. Brands are important, with 26% of consumers claiming to be brand loyal when it comes to bread, regardless of the price war raging in the grocery aisles.


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