Half unsure of Brexit impact

Article from HR Magazine - March 2017

Beckett Frith

A recent article from HR magazine features Harris Interactive’s John Backhouse, senior associate director of employee engagement insight, who has created a Brexit Barometer that will enable us to draw conclusions about levels of employee engagement pre/post trigger of Article 50 as the UK moves ever-closer to its departure from the European Union. The Employee Brexit Barometer runs every couple of months, and this first piece of coverage positions results from the Barometer ahead of the triggering of Article 50.

“There’s a lot of uncertainty, with people unsure if Brexit is going to be positive or negative,” John said. “With the triggering of Article 50 imminent we might expect to see some changes going forward.”

Additionally, the research found that those who hold British passports were more likely to feel engaged at work in the current climate. Overall, 48% of respondents said they felt engaged, which consisted of 49% of UK passport holders and just 40% of those without one.

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