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    Uncovering Opportunity in Third-Party Apps:

    It’s no secret that Americans are fond of third-party food delivery apps. But did you know that over eight in ten (85%) are likely to order through one in the next three months? There’s massive opportunity out there for restaurants of all shapes and sizes to capitalize on this growing market, but there’s a catch: when consumers order through third-party apps, not all data is shared with the restaurant, leaving them with an incomplete understanding of the customer experience.... Read More

    How Veganuary is Impacting Consumer Diets in 2023

    The new year isn’t just for going to the gym or lowering alcohol consumption anymore. On top of these more traditional New Year’s resolutions, people are taking up the challenge to participate in Veganuary. The trend originated in 2014 and inspires people across the globe to try vegan food in the month of January.... Read More

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