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    Is your Financial Services Brand Future Fit?

    As the world has changed for brands, so the way they are managed has needed to adjust. To manage a brand effectively, measuring how it is performing so action can be taken is critical. An essential part of this measurement is to accurately reflect how people perceive and interact with brands.... Read More

    Grocery brands must check their fitness for the post-pandemic future

    Although this trend was evident before the pandemic, the last 18 months have reinforced the need for brands to stand for something and participate in culture, society, and politics. Consumers want to know that the money they spend on food and drink is facilitating positive change.... Read More

    Is your brand health measurement fit for the future?

    At this time of huge change, we are hearing from many marketing and insights leaders that their brand health metrics have become unresponsive and are often delivered far too late for any meaningful action. They are looking for a more agile approach to brand health measurement; to enable more timely and impactful decisions that keep them ahead of the competition.... Read More

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