Looking good is feeling good…

with more and more males in the UK expanding the variety of grooming products that they use

Richard Moore

The men’s grooming industry has grown massively in recent years with retailers stocking an ever-increasing volume of grooming products for men, we were very interested to see what UK males had to say about how they think they look and what products they use and launched an omnibus survey to find out. 1,001 online interviews took place with a nationally representative population of UK males.

The infographic below summaries key responses to the questions that we asked:


male grooming 1


Key headlines from the research

  • UK males are most likely to describe their style as smart casual (53%) compared to any other style prompted in the survey
  • 7 in 10 males are keeping up appearances, either taking a great deal of pride in their appearance or doing their best to do so
  • This is resulting in high levels of confidence with 62% of all males who we interviewed being either very or quite confident in the way that they look (but only 18% are very confident)
  • Deodorants, Shampoo and Shower gel are the most used products but we also see usage of relatively newer or less mainstream products such as beard oil and cosmetics
  • The average monthly spend on grooming products is £17.30, however, 4% of males are spending more than £50 a month

We also asked about levels of interest in using shave subscription services. These are companies who send their own branded razor and provide a monthly subscription service providing varying accessories depending on the level of subscription, including razor blades, shaving gel and shaving cream – offering a bespoke shaving experience. We found that:

  • 45% of UK males are interested in using such a service, with interest being highest amongst 25-44 year olds
  • 85% of UK males think that they look good for their age

As a final question, we asked respondents to write in their favourite brand for any men’s grooming products that they use. Gillette was the most mentioned brand followed by Nivea and Lynx.


Image 2


If you are interested in seeing more results click here for the full report.


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