Retail, Leisure & Travel

Our Retail, Leisure and Travel experience is underpinned by our senior research team who have worked in these industries for many years. This experience, combined with our passion for using consumer insight to help businesses grow, ensures that each project delivers new, insightful and actionable learnings to support brand development. We work with our clients to understand their business needs and design projects that build consumer understanding and put consumers at the heart of decision making. Along with decades of category experience we offer the latest research methodologies from Pop-Up Insight Communities to digital tracking.

In the Retail arena, our clients range from the largest high-street and out-of-town retailers to online retailers as well as catalogue retailers. We also have conducted various projects understanding convenience retailers, the discounters, cash and carries and symbol stores.

Consumers’ interest in leisure and travel continues to grow. Our experiences in this sector are as varied as testing new menu options in casual dining sector through to testing tour itineraries for travel companies. We can reach audiences as broad or as niche are you require including theme park visitors to those taking flight only holidays

We have successfully delivered projects spanning:

  • Shelf layout, standout and range optimisation
  • New Product Development Journey
  • Branding and Communications: brand tracking, ad evaluation
  • U&A, Segmentation, Decision Hierarchy and Market Sizing
  • Loyalty Cards, Customer Loyalty and Churn
  • Customer Insight Communities

Retail Research Team Overview

  • CPG and Retail Teamimage

    From dynamic insight communities to 24 hour quick surveys, our experts can help your business make impactful decisions faster.


  • Lucia Juliano
    Head of Research UK & NL
    Lucia leads the research team for our clients based in the UK & the Netherlands, she has over 20 years' experience in the market research industry across client & agency roles. In her current role Lucia is responsible for supporting clients to best implement agile research practices in their teams. Lucia has experience of working on a variety of strategic & tactical research projects including brand & new product optimisation, communication strategy, channel development as well as market entry, market sizing & segmentation studies.


  • This study has been a source of new thinking around the marketing organisation. This has to be one of the most referenced pieces of research in my experience at this company.  

The Grocer Reports

  • The Grocer: Bottled Waterimage

    The majority of consumers (38%) agree that bottled water is a big cause of environmental problems .

  • The Grocer: Cleaningimage

    Social media is a significant influencer of cleaning behaviour with a third saying it encourages them to buy more products and clean their homes more often.

  • The Grocer: Veganimage

    Most Brits are not currently vegan, and half don’t know anyone who follows a vegan lifestyle. The younger generation are more likely to know a vegan.