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Harris Interactive helps broadcasters, production companies, publishers, websites, out of home companies, and multi-platform brands across the full range of media channels, with research that helps them maximize their opportunities in the fascinating and fragmented media world.

We help some of the biggest names in entertainment with clients including major record labels, Hollywood movie studios, trade associations, cinema, video game companies, gambling clients, leisure clients and television and radio broadcasters. Our work ranges from concept development and content evaluation to major, authoritative market investigations.

Just some of the media and entertainment work we conduct helps you to:
  • Develop your content from the earliest stages to maximise consumer appeal
  • Test your pre-launch to optimise marketing, targeting, messaging and to help meet full potential at launch
  • Understand the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Make the most out of your franchises
  • Understand the market and potential market through exhaustive U&A studies
  • Understand and help combat content piracy
  • Research to deliver content insight for producers and editors
  • Test and feedback in production phases to maximise appeal and engagement
  • Market your media brand to maximise audience, and ultimately, monetise that audience.

Latest Event

Thursday August 13, 2020 through August 13, 2020

Attend our 1 day Quick-Fire Webinar Series

Toluna Team

Attend our 1 day
Quick-Fire Webinar Series

Insight professionals are under greater pressure to inform decisions faster than ever. In the last few months, we have helped the insight, NPD and marketing teams at a number of the world’s leading CPG, Financial Services, Technology and Media companies meet incredibly tight deadlines and infuse high quality consumer insight into:

  • their Covid-19 exit strategy
  • testing their comms are appropriate for the current market
  • identifying the changing needs that are driving the extension of their brand
  • understanding the elasticity, or not, of changes in consumer behaviour
  • new and refined propositions, claims and packaging to meet evolving consumer needs

Join us for this series of webinars where you can hear the Toluna and Harris Interactive Pros give case studies of what is possible and explain how we are delivering faster than clients thought possible: These sessions will last 20-minutes each and you can find out more and register below.


13th August 2020, 10am – 12pm

Event Session 1 – 10:00 – 10:20

How do you select the key innovation ideas for further development in hours and pinpoint which concepts will deliver the most likely success?


Concept Testing
Hear how you can identify which product or service concept will be most successful with your target audience and go from brief to results inside 24 hours.


Event Session 2 – 10:30 – 10:50

Pack Testing
How do you decide swiftly what pack will increase sales, or how an existing pack can be optimised? We’ll show you how to do it in hours.


Claims Testing
How can you choose the marketing claim that is most likely to increase uptake of my product or service – in hours?


Event Session 3 – 11:00 – 11:20

Brand Health
Brands often struggle to understand if they are relevant for the future and who the new challenger brands are. Find out how to achieve both and in days not weeks while retaining the core historical metrics of knowledge and equity.


Comms Testing
Before utilising hard fought for budgets how do you know if the communication will be effective, resonate and have the right impact. Find out how brands are improving their comms through pre and post testing with results on the same day.


Event Session 4 – 11:30 – 11:50

TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach Frequency)
How can you know what your optimum range of products is inside 5 days and at a fraction of the cost?


Agile qual / live discussions
How can you understand the reasons behind consumer behaviour qualitatively in hours? We will show you how brands are adapting their decisions based on the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.



Latest Products

  • PopUP Live Communityimage

    PopUP Live enables TV, radio and online broadcasters to gain in-the-moment feedback from viewers and listeners tuned into a specific show while it is on air.

  • Need Express and Idea Expressimage

    Quickly and cost-effectively assess your new product/service needs or ideas amongst your consumer audience.

  • Concept and PackTest Expressimage

    Fast, flexible and cost-effective solutions that help you answer key questions at specific phases of the product development lifecycle.

  • Choice Expressimage

    Harris Choice Express is a quick and cost-effective research tool that helps companies make their products stand out from the crowd


  • Steve Evans
    Sector Head, Technology, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment
    Steve has over 20 years’ experience in research working with leading clients in entertainment and technology. Steve now specialises in research studies for the entertainment industry, for some of the biggest names and organisations in the video gaming, film/video and music sectors, helping launch new services and business models or providing market feedback to optimise content. Steve is a tech-head and is often brought into studies that look at cutting edge technologies and innovation. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous entertainment industry events.
  • Denholm Scotford
    Sector Head, Technology, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment
    Denholm began his career in 1998 as a Psychology graduate joining a technology research agency. He has held a variety of roles across project delivery, account development and team management. Denholm has extensive experience across a variety of strategic & tactical research including brand and communication strategies, U&A/segmentation studies, customer satisfaction, innovation and product development. Denholm manages key accounts across entertainment, media, technology and telecoms.

Case Studies

BPI (British Phonographic Industry)

Using an online panel approach, weighted to be nationally representative of online demographics, Harris Interactive has worked intensively with the BPI since 2009, conducting three major investigations... Read More

UK Film Council

In 2010, the UK Film Council commissioned Harris Interactive to undertake a major national survey of diverse film audiences. The competitive tendering process attracted a high quality field of applicants and Harris Interactive was selected following interviews with the shortlisted candidates.... Read More


  • The study we set up with Harris six years ago has grown into one of the most valuable and actually used pieces of research we run.  The Harris team has supported us strongly on everything from data analysis to training and delivery of strategic insights.


  • Highlights: The future of community-based research
    Highlights: The future of community-based research
    ITWP (Harris Interactive and Toluna) hosted an interactive debate on the future of community-based research. Some of the world’s biggest brand owners demonstrated the positive impact digital insight communities are having on their business.