How Could Brexit Affect Brits Holiday Destinations

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Jonathan Pitts

As Brexit has led to a weaker pound, Harris Interactive wanted to see how this could impact the British public’s holiday plans.

We conducted a survey to 1,000 adults online using our Harris 24 service and had the results within three hours.

Firstly we asked if as a result of the weaker pound they were less likely to travel abroad, more likely to travel abroad, or it wouldn’t change their likelihood to travel abroad. Over a fifth (22%) said they’d be less likely to travel abroad as a result, with 63% saying it wouldn’t change.

It’s interesting to note that when looking into type of traveller, for those that travel with children under the age of 16, 29% said that they’re now less likely to travel abroad.

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Following on from this, we asked if respondents were any more likely to go on a staycation as a result. Just under a fifth (19%) said they are now more likely to holiday within the UK. Out of travellers who travel alone, this was less (15%) but for those who travel with young children it was higher (24%).

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When asked about whether they thought a weaker pound would lead to more people visiting the UK, 45% of respondents said they do think it will result in more people doing so, compared to 14% who think less people will visit as a result.

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Finally, we asked to what degree respondents think Brexit will impact on the cost when travelling abroad. 40% of respondents feel cost will increase slightly, with 20% saying it will increase greatly and 22% saying it will stay the same.

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With Gatwick airport recently announcing record August figures, it’s clear that travel abroad it still extremely popular, however if the pound doesn’t recover it could lead to more Brits opting to holiday within the UK, and as shown in our results most likely families with young children.

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