Harris Interactive and GIMRA win Financial Services Research Award (The MRS Awards does it Gangnam Style)

Financial Services Team Blog

Michael Worledge

A roomful of market researchers dancing Gangnam Style. That was the scene as the music played after the awards had been handed out at the MRS Awards on Monday night.

The highlight of Monday’s Market Research Society’s Awards event from table number 54’s perspective had to be GIMRA and Harris Interactive winning the Financial Services Research award. As the result was announced, 10 chairs were thrown back in delight and we made our way Gangnam Style-esque to the podium. It was a good job the other nine were there to be honest because the award is surprisingly heavy. Doing back-flips all the way back to our chairs were five members of GIMRA and five of the team from Harris; we were (and are) all delighted with the outcome.

GIMRA (General Insurance Market Research Association) is a syndicate of insurers and has been collaborating with Harris Interactive to improve customer claims satisfaction and broker satisfaction since 1998. In sharing data, individual insurers can understand their relative performance in a cost-effective way.

From early next year, members will have access to an online portal so they can have more frequent data at their fingertips. The approach is a shining example of how competing profit-making organisations can put aside their competitive rivalry to act as one, using market research for the common good of the customer; something that other industries would benefit from doing.

I would encourage other market researchers to take on the challenge of writing a paper. It’s not as onerous as it seems and it’s a good way to get to know your clients better and it’s a great way for client and agency teams to shout about the great work they do.

I would like to thank GIMRA for their partnership with Harris Interactive and for sharing a fun evening with us, the other nominees for making it a very competitive field and the GIMRA account team at Harris Interactive for their continuous hard work.