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Whatever your campaign we help you to deliver original, engaging, public relations research.

And we don’t hang around – delivering the results you need in less than 24 hours, offering real time access to data as it comes in, giving you an early read on how your story is developing.

You can launch a survey whenever you need to. Harris 24 is a flexible and speedy alternative to omnibus surveys, with ultrafast high quality insights from the reach of 21+ million global consumers across 68 markets. With Harris expert survey design support included, you can be confident that the results are robust and will stand up to scrutiny.

The products of our research hit the press and online news sites every day. Here’s a snapshot of recent examples:

We offer research expertise and deep industry knowledge across most sectors, including Financial Services, Tech, Media, Telecoms, Entertainment, Consumer Products, Travel, Utilities, Charities and more…Check out our blogs to see more examples of Harris 24 research.

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  • Ultrafast high quality insights from up to 5000 consumers
  • Real time data access via an analytics platform with exportable outputs
  • Reach of 21+ million global consumers across 68 markets via the Toluna community
  • Pre-qualified consumers on 60+ demographics/profiles + custom targeting
  • Up to 50 questions per survey
  • Easy survey duplication for multiple audiences/markets
  • Harris expert survey design support included. Additional request services: translations, data tables, open end coding, specialist weighting, ppt report

You can launch a survey whenever you need to. Harris 24 is a flexible & speedy alternative to omnibus surveys. You can also use your own customer sample.

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Positive support amongst UK consumers for supermarket Iceland’s packaging announcement

Supermarket Iceland announced last week that it plans to remove plastic packaging from its own label products by 2023. We were very interested in what UK consumers thought about Iceland’s announcement and launched a Harris 24 survey to find out. ... Read More


One in four Brits have been cold called about pensions

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Fixed-odds betting review – beginning of the end for high-stakes gambling on the high-street?

Dubbed the “Crack Cocaine” of gambling by critics, Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) – the electronic ‘casino-style’ games machines in high-street betting shops – currently allow users to bet £100 on a single spin (equivalent to £300 per minute) and have been strongly associated with ‘problem gambling’ behaviour since they first appeared.... Read More

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