Webinar: Financial Services – is your brand fit for the future?

On Thursday, 22nd March 2018, our webinar shared the latest wave of hi brands® research and revealed the UK’s most sustainable financial services brands.

Nowadays, to achieve success, financial services brands must think of the full consumer relationship: how the brand listens, answers and engages, the level of empathy consumers have with the brand and how it is evolving to meet consumers’ future needs. Brands which do this well challenge the marketplace and become sustainable.

In this free-to-attend webinar, we explored case studies from across the financial services sector highlighting brands that are building their sustainability and future relevance in ways that traditional brand measurement metrics cannot show.


About the Presenters

Michael Worledge, Head of Financial Services research shares the latest results, discussing what the scores mean for your category and brand/s including Banking, Insurance and Credit Cards.

About hi brands®
Harris Interactive measures brand sustainability across more than 25 categories, including Financial Services. Our approach was developed in cooperation with Aston Business School and shortlisted for the Market Research Society Best Innovation Award in 2016, offering a fresh approach to brand tracking.

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