Researching the Impact of Mobile Optimisation

If you wonder what impact suboptimal mobile survey design can have on data quality, this Market Research Society (MRS) webinar is for you!

Marie Hense – VP online Data Quality will be representing Toluna Corporate and working alongside a group of excellent fellow researchers to ensure our industry has a clear view on best practice mobile research.


In an unprecedented collaborative effort, which started in 2018 and has been expanded for 2022, six years of international panel data from Dynata, Kantar, Cint and Toluna has been reviewed for patterns between mobile and non-mobile measurements.

For the third year a separate participant satisfaction survey was undertaken to identify some of the underlying issues behind the trend data and to test the impact of poor mobile design on participant behaviour and attitudes.

New for 2022 is an updated approach to the participant satisfaction survey including tests of poor mobile design on participant behaviour and the inclusion of data from three new markets: India, Indonesia and South Africa in addition to the existing markets of Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands the UK and the US.

What you will learn:

  • The key findings for 2021 including six years of data analysing the response and completion rates between mobiles and desktops.
  • Response data from three new international markets.
  • Expanded survey data on participant satisfaction and the factors driving engagement and ultimately data quality.
  • How the mobile optimisation project has extended our knowledge of mobile best practices and is driving improvements in mobile research.
  • The impact of the MRS State of Mobile Adoption & Optimisation Best Practice Guidance on the design and implementation of mobile optimisation, and some updates to the guidance as a result.
  • The conclusions from the research and why these should encourage commissioners/buyers of research to address the longer-term issues surrounding mobile optimisation and survey satisfaction.



  • Mobile Optimisation