DIY Masterclass Series

In these 30-minute sessions you’ll gain actionable guidance to help you embed quality and speed into your consumer research, so you have the confidence to make data driven decisions that add value to your business. From best practice questionnaire design, through to analysis techniques – these fast-track Masterclasses will set you up for success in 2022.


Session 1: Tues 8 Feb, 1.30pm

“The Fundamentals Of Successful Questionnaire Design”

Tania Page and the research team who lead the Market Research Society Advance Certification training will help you to master the main concepts and techniques to use when designing your own questionnaires.

Speaker: Tania Page, Research Director – Harris Interactive

Session 2: Weds 9 Feb, 1.30pm

“Successfully Building Your Own Surveys With Quality & Speed”

Building on our first masterclass session looking at the theory behind writing a great questionnaire, this session will focus on practical steps for setting up your own custom consumer research surveys and implementing Tania’s best practice guidelines into your own surveys on the Toluna Start platform.​

Speaker: Jethro Hansell, Customer Success – Toluna

Session 3: Thurs 10 Feb, 1.30pm

Accelerate Decision Making With Smarter Analysis Techniques”

This session will look at how you analyse the results of your survey in real time so you can disseminate the key insights faster to help drive decision making. Apply significance testing, create your own sub-populations of consumers/respondents, weight the data & apply cross tabulations all inside the Toluna Start platform.

Speakers: Tania Page, Research Director – Harris Interactive & Jethro Hansell, Senior Customer Success Manager – Toluna


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