Masterclass: Doing More with Less

Discover the power of the latest Toluna Start platform features and unleash the full potential of your research budget.

By leveraging the latest features of Toluna Start we’ll demonstrate how you can accelerate your research processes, expand your reach, and seamlessly integrate qual and quant for deeper insights.

Get ready to supercharge your research capabilities and unlock new possibilities for growth and innovation!

During this session Ruari Grigg – Director Digital Solutions, will reveal the newest features available on the Toluna Start platform including the benefits of:

  •  Templated Surveys & Audiences – Expedite the set up and launch process of your surveys and return reliable, quality insights critical to informed decision making
  •  Multi-market Surveys – Save time on scripting with the ability to target unlimited markets through a single, simplified setup, and instantly analyse results through a single, centralized report.
  •  Agile Qual – Do more with our industry-leading quant-qual combination. Access best-in-class qualitative tools that engage participants in a rich dialogue of conversations and gather insights with easy-to-use analysis tools.

Through real-life examples of client usage scenarios and success stories, he will bring these features to life and demonstrate how they can be effectively utilized.