Introducing PopUP Communities from Harris Interactive

Snap, Crackle and PopUP Event:  28th June from 08:30-11:00

This event gave attendees an opportunity to discover how they could PopUP a short term community extremely quickly and use it to discover and drive detailed insights, engaging their participants with dynamic live chats and integrated short surveys seamlessly.

People who attended got the full experience of being a real participant, and heard from special guests about how a PopUP community helped them get to the crux of a pertinent topic.

Snap: People heard what the fuss is all about and what’s so great about PopUP Communities. A little about the abilities of the tool and why brands are already using PopUP communities to help them get ahead

Crackle: They heard how our special guest was able to get deeper insight via PopUP Communities and what their experience was with the tool itself

PopUP: People were able to visit the pods and join in the live demo to see what it’s really like for a participant on the other side. Plus, hear about our other tools, running 24 hour turnaround quant surveys, tapping into our live chat tool, or opening a discussion forum to support their insight via our own Harris Community


Cinema Room, Soho Hotel

4 Richmond Mews



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