ESOMAR Webinar – The 2021 Global Consumer, Spotlight on Satisfaction and Confidence

Who is the 2021 consumer? We looked at consumer satisfaction and confidence to segment our audience and understand what’s in store in 2021. Five key segments emerged;

  • Very Pessimistic
  • Cautious
  • Unsatisfied Spender
  • Satisfied Spender
  • Very Optimistic

In this webinar, we’ve outlined trends and will speak to effects in key areas – focusing on health and wellness. New realities of work and health have changed the way consumers view their world. It’s more important than ever for brands to understand how these sweeping changes impact buying decisions and choices now. Our subject-matter experts will speak to a variety of topics – critical for your business as you plan for the year ahead.

At Toluna/Harris Interactive and KuRunData we’ve run a Consumer Barometer study every 2-3 weeks since March. The study was intended to better understand consumer changes as they unfolded. In doing so, we’ve learned that consumers have been resilient, focused on saving money, and cautious about the ongoing pandemic.