The Future of the Insight Community


At this event on June 9th, 2016, Harris Interactive, Toluna and other specially invited guests, gathered to discuss the future of the insight community. Here we shared best practice client case studies and revealed the next generation of insight community solutions.

Client Case Studies: 

  1. Revealed – how a leading global entertainment company has unlocked the power of its fans and consumers to drive better strategic decisions to help shape its business
  2. In focus – how a leading fmcg company better understands its consumers, and utilises consumer insights and opinions to position themselves more strongly than ever with its customers
Key Takeaways:
  • Be able to provide a more compelling commerical proposition.
  • Be able to focus and drive future strategy and brand.
  • Be able to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.


Jason Winstanley
Senior Insight & Research Manager
Herve Le Fur
Sector Head, European Marketing
Mark Hallums
VP Digital Solutions

The future of the insight community:

More and more, today’s marketing and research teams are turning to customer communities to tap a continuous and rich stream of consumer insight. Constantly evolving technology, and intelligent application of research methodologies now means organisations can capture more actionable and meaningful insight than ever before, in a fraction of the time.

But how should organisations best make use of insight communities to derive maximum commercial value today? And how can you be sure that investing in an insight community today, will continue to deliver value for your organisation in a constantly evolving world? Our exclusive briefing on June 9th answered these questions.



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