The Harris Interactive Financial Services Research team helps providers maximise the impact of their communications. With so many touchpoints and individuals involved in the comms process, maintaining best practice is challenging. From testing customer letters to pre-testing brand marketing and identifying the impact post-launch on your brand, Harris Interactive’s quick turnaround, cost effective tools can help you make impactful decisions faster.

To measure the impact of documentation, our tried and tested, flexible Comms Testing Framework enable providers to check their comms are clear, fair, not misleading, consider the needs of vulnerable customers and are improvement on previous versions.  A brief overview of our approach to communications is outlined below.

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  • Each project can use all or some of the steps depending on the type of communications being tested
  • Likewise the questions used at each step can be adapted to the specifics of the items being tested
  • Additional project specific questions can be added at appropriate points
  • Text Highlighter or Heatmapping can be included
  • Benchmarking can be built into the survey and results (e.g. new vs old, client vs competitor and vs our own Harris Interactive benchmarks)

From ideation through to launch and beyond, you have the flexibility of choice to suit your needs, timescales, and budget.

Examples of recent communication testing projects

  • Helping a syndicate of insurance providers benchmark their updated renewal notices and Insurance Product Information Documents (IPIDs) and understand the likely impact on customer behaviour
  • Identifying the likely impact of an online animation shortly prior to launch, with interviewing completed within 2 hours
  • Testing alternative product description wording for a workplace pension provider

Please contact us to find out more about these types of projects and approaches in the financial services sector.

Wider brand positioning and communications development

For wider brand positioning and communication development, we have a suite of Brand and Comms products and solutions tailored to each phase of the lifecycle, blending qualitative and quantitative insights:

Our suite of products help you to address questions such as:

  • How do we select the key creative and communications ideas for further development?
  • Which comms/creative idea elements will be most successful with the target audience?
  • How can the near final iteration be further refined to increase its effectiveness?
  • Which video length works the best? Which format delivers the best results? How can it be used most effectively as part of the media mix?
  • Which areas are customers most drawn towards on your comms?
  • How does the communication work during the campaign. Does it deliver as predicted?
  • Is the comm having any visible impact on brand and triggering the call to action?
  • How successful was the communication campaign?

Benefits of adopting our products:

  • Blend qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Access the same or different groups of target consumers
  • Use ad-hoc or in a planned and integrated way through a systematic programme
  • Whatever combination you choose you’ll always receive a consistent, quality approach and service that is built on industry best practice
  • Lean on our research and category experts at any stage in the process, through planning, implementation, management and analysis.
  • And involve your stakeholders in the entire process, including real-time immersion in the consumer discussions and surveys, to maximise input and understanding; and save time on reporting and action planning
  • Quality and easy end-to-end insights that flex to your needs.

We can also support your Product & Service Development sprints. Find out more about our NPD Express Suite.


What our clients say:

  • We have enjoyed a strong working relationship with Harris Interactive for a number of years, and this hasn’t happened by accident. Through their flexibility and thoughtful account management, they have always been able to design solutions which take into account the practical realities of our business. Above all, we have benefited from responsive, flexible and attentive service and an account team that ‘just gets it’, giving me the assurance that we can always trust them to come up with answers and to deliver reliably. - Financial Services Insight Manager

  • Harris have unparalleled knowledge of our sector, providing in-depth, relevant and actionable insights on every single project. They are always our first port of call, are an absolute pleasure to work with and will always work hard to accommodate our needs, no matter what it takes. It is agencies like Harris that make my job so much easier!

  • It is hugely reassuring to know that you are working with a team that really understands and enjoys the subject matter.  Their reports are easy to read and offer great insight, and their approach is faultless and adaptable.


  • Michael Worledge
    Financial Services Sector Head
    Michael is the Harris Interactive Financial Services Sector Head. He joined Harris Interactive in 2005 and has been in market research for over 20 years. After working in consumer and pharmaceutical research as well as ops-project management, Michael has specialised in Financial Services research at Harris. He has extensive consumer and B2B experience across UK and international markets, including market understanding, brand and comms/literature testing, product reviews and new product/service development. Michael has written three papers which have been shortlisted for the Market Research Society Financial Services Research Award, winning once, has a BSc in French and German from Aston University and is a Certified Member of the Market Research Society.