Website Evaluation Study

Our client requested Harris Interactive to set-up and manage a benchmarking and user experience study for a select number of automotive manufacturer websites. The objectives of the Competitive Website Evaluation study were to:

  • Understand fully visitors’ experiences of the websites
  • Understand the level of performance of the websites on key website metrics
  • Measure visitor satisfaction with the websites
  • Understand the drivers of satisfaction
  • Understand the impact of the website on brand perceptions and attitudes
  • Develop recommendations for website improvements

Research Solution
We recruited around 2,400 respondents to complete various tasks on 6 different automotive websites. The tasks set for each respondent were determined by the model and age of the vehicle they currently owned. Once the respondent had completed the set tasks and gathered the required information they were then directed back to the survey where questions were asked focusing on numerous KPI’s and to provide their impressions of the visit, the site and the brand.

Panellists were screened in order to meet a set criteria:

  • Car drivers
  • Main decision makers about car purchase
  • Purchased a NEW or USED car within the last 3 years for sales based tasks, or within a 10 year period for the servicing/ MOT based tasks

Research Outcomes
Research Achievement – A highly informative presentation highlighting the level of customer satisfaction with not only the website offering of the end client but also for five key competitors.  The findings clearly detailed where the end client was positioned against some of their competitors on the various KPI’s.

Business Achievement – the research enabled a thorough evaluation of many of the key aspects of the website, detailing areas where the website might be improved in order to offer a better experience for the user. The end client was immediately aware of where specific information was lacking, or confusing for the user, and also the areas where the website was performing best, or ahead of the competition.



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