Understanding a brand’s future relevance


  • This financial service organisation had a long running brand tracking solution that predominantly measured established traditional brand metrics such as Awareness, Consideration etc. As the brand was looking to evolve and target marketing activity at specific segments of the population, it was keen to gain other more forward looking brand metric scores to help it understand how its current and hopefully future position was resonating with its target customers.


  • We used our hi brands express solution with a nat rep audience of 1000 respondents, allowing the organisation’s target customers to naturally fall out via a number of profiling questions.
  • We undertook hi brands and brand attribute strategic analysis on both audiences and produced a bespoke report.


  • The results have allowed the organisation to understand how it is positioned in relation to its competitors and benchmark brands in terms of future relevance and engagement with its customers and prospects.

Why they chose hi brands:

The Brand Insight Lead said: “hi brands offers the opportunity for us to understand our brand using some new measures that allow us to understand our future relevance to consumers. Being able to use a model, that has been developed in partnership with an organisation like the Aston Business School, and that can deliver quality results quickly and in a cost effective manner is very important to us”