Supporting an Insurance Provider’s Proposition Development

Harris Interactive

Business Challenge

Our client, a leading insurance provider, was looking for a continuous research tool to enable them to undertake regular, agile and cost- effective research amongst UK consumers (including their own customers and SME owners). In particular, they were looking to conduct research around its innovation propositions, enhancements to existing products/services and wider consumer understanding.


Harris Interactive set-up and recruited a bespoke, unbranded community of nationally representative financial decision makers. Our client largely manages the community self-served, with the Harris Financial Services research team providing full-service support as and when needed. Ongoing catch-ups with the client around research and engagement activities provided expert guidance. The client can also easily tap into the global online panel from within the community platform to dial-up sub-groups for specific projects or provide a fresh, non-community perspective. The platform provides the client with engaging and intuitive quant and qual research tools, including our best practice NPD automated suite and Live Discussions, our live chat and discussion board tool. Integrated, intuitive real-time analytics.


The community has enabled our client to access faster, more cost-effective consumer insights than they previously had access to, allowing them to work in a more agile way and reducing research turnaround times. At the start of the initial lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic, the client was able to understand fast-changing consumer sentiment very quickly and then monitor this over a series of months. The community is being used by various stakeholders across its businesses to support their strategy and taking a digital first approach.


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