Designing the financial product of the future


Our client was looking to design the ‘account of the future’. Ahead of internal meetings, they wanted research to get an updated view of how this type of accounts is perceived, expectations of what should be included and how consumers would want to interact with the product.


  • Harris designed a quick turnaround, iterative programme:
  • An initial 3 day popUP community involving a live chat and discussion board with c20 consumers who have this type of account. The day after each stage of the community, Harris summarised the key findings, discussed these with the client and refined the discussion guide for the next stage.
  • The findings fed into a quantitative Harris 24 survey amongst 3,000 consumers to validate the findings from the qualitative stage.
  • The client viewed the live chat and was able to review the quant data in real-time.


  • The client was able to get initial insights quicker than they might otherwise have done using traditional research, including how consumers might design the ideal product, and what had become more important since the outbreak of coronavirus and get initial feedback on four initial concepts.
  • This ensured that the further development of the new-look account was based on consumer needs.