A Travel Community

Evolving cabin features and services through agile flyer feedback

Harris Interactive

Business Issue

Our client in the air travel industry was looking for direct in-flight comparisons against competitors across a range of service points including cabin attractiveness, cabin features, crew services and in-flight entertainment. They were also looking for a more innovative and dedicated approach to in-flight and on-ground research, how to combine these approaches while ensuring a high involvement of participants, and rapid & smart data collection.


We proposed a long-term online international community with frequent flyers across all booking classes. Our proposed community platform offered consumer engagement activities as basis for research designed around consumers‘ lives, real-time insights and a flexible research approach. We suggested combining the community with on-ground research and an offline survey app to allow in-flight participation.


The community provided benchmarking to competitors with possibility to break down in numerous ways, such as business classes, flight range, aircraft type, cultural background, height / weight classes of passengers, passenger segments and more. Our client was able to use the community insights to identify main pain points and wow-effects for flyers. Based on the results we derived key drivers of comfort / well-being perception and willingness to pay, giving clear recommendations on future design aspects and service packages.


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